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ARQ have won ‘Jazz Ensemble of the Year’ in the 2018 APPJAG Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2018. Other nominees were Dinosaur, Ezra Collective and Beats & Pieces Big Band.
Thank you to everyone who voted for us, it’s an honour given the wonderful groups also shortlisted.

ARQ topped the Peoples vote at the British Jazz Awards where Alison Rayner was also runner up for Bass Player of the year.

Electric Landladies Christmas party coming up – Singing and Dancing to classic hits.
Deirdre Cartwright ‘Play’ Group at the Vortex. We’ve now finished our current season of Tomorrow the Moon, double bills of contemporary jazz led by woman, but we’ll be back with that at the Vortex in January 2019.
Details of all our gigs and events are constantly updated so watch this website or connect with us on Facebook fb

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