Michele Drees Jazz Tap Project

Michele Drees Jazz Tap Project is a spectacular mix of rhythm tap dance with Jazz and Latin music. Taking its roots from the iconic ‘Jazz Tap’ that originated in Harlem, which then became popularised on Hollywood’s silver screen, MDJTP features some of the most talented tap dancers and musicians from across the UK and international rhythm tap scene.

“Fusing drumming with some pretty fancy footwork, drummer Michele Drees is at the forefront of a revolutionary new style of entertainment”
Andy Hughes Drummer magazine

“The passion, energy and excitement of the younger generation of tap dancers is as strong as ever”            Drummer magazine live review

Rhythm Tap and Drumming are the things that set my soul on fire…they are from the same family. Using Rhythm as my starting point, I incorporate tap as a percussion instrument in my compositions. This deep rooted connection between drums and tap is the area I am pushing and exploring through this project.” Michele Drees

Fresh from their sold out concert at the Elgar Rooms, we’re looking forward to an evening of incredible tap dance improvisations with Jazz and Brasilian music played by a seven piece band led by drummer Michele Drees. Confirmed lineup so far:

Scott Cripps Tap dance and vocal
Shanti Paul Jayasinha Trumpet and Cello
Ian Winter Sax
Michele Drees Drums and vocals.

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