Tomorrow the Moon V J Frisco + Free Spirit

J Frisco + Deirdre Cartwright, Kathy Dyson’s Free Spirit

J Frisco are 2017 winners of ‘Jazz North Introduces‘ an award that gives assistance and festival exposure to emerging bands.

The all-female trio J Frisco contains Jemma Freese on keys, Lara Jones on saxophone, and Megan Roe on guitar. Contrastingly, they include poetry and art pieces in their music, and tend towards the experimental improvisation side.


“J Frisco is a trio of soprano saxophone, electric guitar, keyboards and vocals; they create improvised music and soundscapes that are drawn from their emotions, the world, political and gender issues. They aim to engage and inspire their audience through the use of multiple genres and cross art forms, taking their listeners on a journey, often described as the ‘J Frisco Experience’.

They have been selected as ‘Jazz North’s introducing artist 2017’, are on Lancaster Jazz Festival’s artist development programme and have received funding from Help Musicians UK to promote females in the improvised/jazz scene. Recently they have played live on Chapel Fm radio station, supported Matthew Bourne, Edgar Jones, Roller Trio and Elliott Galvin.

They thrive on challenging both their own and their audiences perceptions, pushing each performance to new levels.”


Free Spirit is the new duo featuring two of the UK’s top guitarists Deirdre Cartwright and Kathy Dyson. Known for their work in celebrating the music and memory of Emily Remembered, this project celebrates the present. Two guitars with guitar effects, loops and vocal, and interaction with the audience to create melodic pieces and soundscapes.